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June 22 (Thurs) - "An Afternoon with Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln" and Luncheon. Jacob Henry Mansion Estate, Joliet, IL. Taking place of the end of the civil War, the President and Mrs. Lincoln reflect on the events of the past four years, look back to the beginning of their lives together and forward to their plans for the future, ending as the President realizes that it is time for them to leave for Ford's Theater. Enjoy a special live performance by max & Donna Daniels as the Lincolns. We will have lunch at the Mansion along with a talk and self-guided tour and a backstage tour of the Rialto Theater with mini organ convert. Cost is $98 per person; includes our tours, luncheon, mini concert and transportation.

July 13 (Thurs) - Chicago Day or The Rolling Stone "Exhibit" @ Navy Pier. Drop offs on Michigan Ave. (Water Tower), Navy Pier, the Loop (Macy's & Block 37). Enjoy time to do what you'd like to do in Chicago or the Rolling Stones Exhibit... following a premiere in London and NYC to rave reviews from crowds of music, art and fashion lovers, this show displaying hundreds of Rolling Stones artifacts from the group's 50-plus-year career comes to Chicago! Style & fashion gallery, over 500 Stones items, over 190 original artworks and exciting interactive technology experiences. The exhibit ends in an immersive back stage recreation, leading into a spectacular 3D concert finale. Takes about 90 minutes. Cost is $38 per person for your transportation to get dropped off at one of these Chicago locations or $70 per person for the Stones Exhibit; includes admission ticket and transportation. We will depart @ 8:00 am and return back in Rockford about 6:00 ish pm.

July 22 (Sat.); August 12 & 23 (Sat.) - Chicago Day - We have theater trips going on these days but will have some extra seats on the bus for you! Drop offs are at Rush & Superior (Michigan Ave & Water Tower), and the Loop (Macy's & Block 37). We depart the Highcrest Centre parking lot at 8:30 am and return back to Rockford about 7:15ish pm. If you would like to hitch a ride on any or all of these dates give us a call or email to make a reservation. Cost is $38 per person for your transportation. 815.398.1454 or